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Vietnam Railways will have more trains during Tet 2012

To serve the people traveling on the railway during Tet 2012

Vietnam Railways has officially launched the plan to run railway train on New Year.

Accordingly, during Tet, Vietnam Railways will run regularly held 5 pairs Reunifications trains are SE1 / 2, SE3 / 4, SE5 / 6, SE 7 / 8 and TN1 / 2 (only from the 8/1/2012 to the end of 24/2/2012, Vietnam Railways will replace the train TN1 / 2 by the ones TN17/18 marks), and also run additional trains SE9/10, SE11/12, SE13/14, and the trains SE15/16 TN3 / 4, TN5 / 6, TN7 / 8, TN11/12, TN19/20 between Hanoi - Saigon and vice versa (SE11/112 own fleet and TN19/20 run the update).

In addition, basing on the needs of passengers from time to time, Vietnam Railways to enhance trains SE11/112, SE13/14 between Hanoi - Saigon before and after Tet; double SE9/10 trains between Nha Trang - Hanoi before Tet and the Saigon - Dong Hoi after Tet; double trains SE15/16 between Vinh - Saigon, both before and after Tet.

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